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Samantha Weiler

As a South Florida native, Samantha Weiler has grown up close to the same waters that harbor the yachts she beautifies. As a partner of Loom Luxury Linens, she enjoys helping her clients and industry peers learn the import role yacht interiors and their amenities play in the boater's onboard experience.

Samantha is an advocate for continued education. Alongside her business partners, she works to create unique learning experiences for yacht crew, at their showroom in Fort Lauderdale. Other ongoing industry involvement she supports is that of the Marine Industry Cares Foundation and Freedom Waters.

Ms. Weiler started her career in yacht linens and interior goods in 2012 after a ten-year stake in the hospitality industry, working her way up to management, in high-end restaurants. Once she hit her glass ceiling in opportunity she made a career move into onshore yacht support. Since starting in this industry she has been a member of Young Professionals in Yachting to which she credits much of her success.

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