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Risa Meri

As a member of Young Professionals in Yachting Fort Lauderdale, Risa Meri was passionate about bringing the benefits of the organization to London and starting YPY here. With the encouragement of the International YPY Board, she gathered the founding board members of YPY London and put in the work to set up YPY London, launching in April 2015.

Risa grew up living on a sailboat with her family and spent her childhood sailing the Bahamas. A true "boat kid", she is an avid sailor and loves everything about yachts. It wa only natural she blend her love of writing, yachting and travel into her career and become a yachting journalist. Risa has more than 10 years of experience in the yachting industry, having started out as an editor with Southern Boating magazine before going freelance in yachting writing and editing. It was during this time that she freelanced for Boat Intenational Media and was soon hired to serve as the Senior Editor for ShowBoats International Magazine.

In 2013, Risa had the oportunity to bring her yachting expertise to London and take on the role as Online Editor for expanding her skill set into digital editing. She currently serves as the Online Yachts Editor for Boat International Media.

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