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Darina Weitzmann

Darina is passionate about the sea and boating. After several years of work in business, marketing and onboard yachts, Darina started a website called Marine White List. The website was created as a tool and resource with the goal of alleviating some of the stresses that come with boat ownership. She believes that by increasing enjoyment for boat owners, the industry can continue to thrive and feed the US economy. She is a strong advocate for environmental and humanitarian causes, having volunteered considerable amounts of time at wildlife rescues across Central and South America, participating community development and orphan care in Haiti, and building homes for low-income families in the US. Darina translates her success in business to allowing time for working in these important humanitarian pursuits.

Originally from Russia, Darina immigrated to the US with her family in 1994. She graduated from Penn State University with a dual degree in Business and International Relations. She is equally at home in the office and in the jungle, and passionately pursues her love of animal rescue, outdoor sports, and hanging out with her husband and four-legged children.

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